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The houses are inserted in a 10-hectar property, which includes a one hectar beautiful garden around the houses with a pond spotted with waterlilies, and an orchard nearby with semi-tropical trees (Custard apple or Bullock’s heart trees, Banana trees, Guayabos, and Orange trees).

The remaining land decending to the sea includes a milk farm that supplies the houses with fresh milk. To North, one can enjoy the mountain sighting, inviting to a walk to throught Água de Pau Mountain, where Lagoa de Fogo crater offers the opportunity of trout fishing surrounded by maginficent views.

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Casa da Palha

Casa da Palha is a rehabilitation of an old barn and storage meant to support the farm back then. More info
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Casa do Tanque

Casa do Tanque has just one floor with two double bedrooms, with private bathroom and heating, a ful More info
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The Manor House

Casa do Termo is a XVIII century manor house, composed by five bedrooms with heating and private bat More info
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